Karl Green

Final Year BSc Software Engineering Student

Full Stack Software Developer at TopCashback

Professionally I develop with the .NET stack, using a mix of C#, SQL Server and RavenDB.
In my spare time I am an avid Android developer and traveller.

  • Education

  • BSc Software Engineering - Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Sept 2013 - Present (Finishing June 2017)
  • Expected to graduate with First Class Honors after receiving a First in first and second year.
  • Final year group project: "The Intelligent Room: Construction of Smart Devices to Enhance Everyday Living."
    Designing and implementing a service to provide control and feedback of smart devices such as Philips Hue and Google Nest through one interface, for which I am in charge of the Android app.
  • Developed a 3D, single player version of the game 'Halma' using three.js
  • Java
  • Career

  • Software Developer - TopCashback
  • July 2015 - Present
  • Full stack web development, producing scalable systems serving thousands of users concurrently around the world.
  • Implemented an anti-fraud system that uses pattern-matching algorithms to block malicious requests.
  • C#
    Visual Studio
  • TeamCity
Where's My Bus?

Native Android application following material design guidelines.

Uses Transport for Greater Manchester's API to retrieve location updates from the Metroshuttle buses in Manchester and Stockport.

Plots the location of the buses onto a map using the Google Maps API.

Published on the Google Play store.

Currently disabled for download as Transport for Greater Manchester have switched the API off.

3D Halma

Halma is an interactive strategy game, with the aim of moving the pieces from one side of the board to the other in as few moves as possible.

Developed with three.js, a wrapper for WebGL.

Colour Catcher

A browser based game to test your speed at determining slight differences in colour.

Built with JavaScript and jQuery.

PiVR (Coming Soon)

PiVR is a Raspberry Pi remote controlled car.

It has an onboard camera that will live stream to an Android device worn as a VR headset.

Turning your head to look at a different direction will turn the steering wheel of the car.